About EVO Auxiliary Training

EVO Auxiliary Training uses the EVO UltraFit Training System.  EVO Auxiliary Training offers short-duration training designed to supplement your current training regimen. This easily accessible yet intensive training will seamlessly complement any other team, sport, or personal training that you may already be doing.


EVO Auxiliary training is designed for anyone currently doing an exercise program. It does not replace your current training, rather, offers a tonic of sorts to support your exercise program and your neurological system.

The only equipment needed is light dumbbells and your body weight.

Auxiliary Training is easily accessible from any device and is completed in 5-15 minutes.



How it works: 

When you select the duration of your workout (5 to 10 minutes), EVO Auxiliary Training will automatically display your training exercises in the appropriate order.

Each training protocol is presented as a video for you to follow along with every exercise, allowing you to view the correct position without confusion.


About the EVO System


Jay Schroeder has given birth to, and nurtured, this training system for more than 30 years. Jay develops, perfects, and implements highly sophisticated and very unique training protocols which are used with any type of athlete and/or individual seeking to maximize on his/her quality of life. The top training systems in the history of athletics and typical training genres have been

studied and gleaned from in order to create this elite training system. Extensive research and studies have been analyzed and tested thus, “no stone has been left uncovered”.

This system and its methodologies have been developed, researched and refined for more than 40 years. EVO UltraFit Training is a system of high intensity to supra-intensity (high-speed, high load, high volume) training routines which target specific physiological traits; those associated with efficient athletic and/or human performance. These training routines are arranged according to their importance for the specific individual being trained. Once entering the EVO UltraFit System, the athlete/client proceeds in a specific order through each of these traits as his or her physiology indicates. This is the only system that utilizes this specific method of progression.


Other Services within the EVO System

EVO Performance Training prepares the body, by stimulating the nervous system, to handle the amount of stress required of the desired display. The alternative to EVO Performance Training is EVO Lifestyle Management.

EVO Individualized Training

The EVO Individualized Program offers a personalized experience for our clients. Using proprietary technologies and physical testing methodologies, EVO UltraFit will develop a program catered to the specific needs of the client, and will assist in implementation of the program with a consultation.

EVO Lifestyle Management

The EVO Management Plan allows an individual the highest level of performance success. Using proprietary technologies, EVO UltraFit guides the individual throughout the year, managing all variables affecting performance.  EVO Management is the seamless integration of both EVO Performance and EVO Rehab.  This achieved by stimulating neurological and physiological systems of the body to allow high levels of performance.  EVO UltraFit captures objective information about how the body absorbs force, interpreting that information, creating necessary protocols and finally implementing those protocols.


How to Use the EVO Auxiliary Training Program:


Log in or create your EVO Auxiliary Training account to begin your EVO Ultrafit assigned training protocol.


After logging in you will be taken to your account page. Here you can view and edit the details of your account, at anytime with all updates changed instantly. When you are ready to begin, click “Start A Workout”


You will then select the duration of your training which best fits your lifestyle.


Begin your workout and follow along with your EVO Ultrafit training video. Every exercise is displayed to assist you in proper position and how to complete the appropriate movement, minimizing the risk of training related injury.